Two Good Reasons Why Gold is Toast


There are two powerful reasons why the gold bull market may be over…1) A stronger dollar; and 2) Increasing US energy independence…


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avatarJack Crooks - Black Swan Currency Currents posted Thursday, April 25th, 2013.

3 Comments for “Two Good Reasons Why Gold is Toast”

  1. SirTalksAlot

    Crooks has been wrong on gold since even back when I used to pay attention to him. Who knows? Harry Browne in his book How I found Freedom in an Unfree World, advocated 1/4 of your money in stocks, gold, bonds and cash. No timing just when you had the cash you put it into these areas. I beleive the fourth was cash it was along time ago and the book is hard to get but listening to gurus in a controlled and closed system like world finance is pointless was his point.

  2. bailintheboat

    Corruption is at an all time high and fiat money and the tools it affords are at the core. Greed comes in there somewhere too. Gold is not through yet. Timing may be a problem but dishonesty is a sure thing in today’s environment. I’m not seeing honesty, even with oneself, just around the corner. No sir, not at all.

  3. I DO NOT agree. Gold does well in a environment with REAL negative interest rates. And yes, then a stronger USD and/lower energy prices will help. But these are NOT the main driver, the main driver is REAL negative interest rates.

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