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It looks like Chris Dorner is no more. The LAPD made like the Elm Street parents with Freddy Krueger and burned the man alive without annoyances like due process. Or course, this is the police and the media we’re dealing with…so forgive the look of suspicion on our faces when we hear about the indestructible government documents proving the identity of the charred remains.


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The Gang Rape in Acapulco
Dear TDV,
Care to comment on the Acapulco gang-rape story? Bogus, exaggerated or legit?
~ Ron Dotson
Jeff’s Response:
Dear Ron,
I’m glad you asked. As with all things reported in the mainstream media it turned out to be not exactly as reported.
Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” And Thomas Jefferson said, “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
This again seems to be the case.
For those unaware, there was a story heavily reported in the western media about six Spanish tourists having been gang raped at gunpoint in Acapulco (see the story here).
I admit, when I first heard it I was shocked. My Acapulquena wife was shocked… everyone here was shocked. There had been some serious plant (drug) related violence in the last few years – but that is all over now (more on that below)…. But gang raping foreign tourists? That is absolutely unheard of.
A TDV correspondent skyped me and asked, “Is it true?” and my response over a week ago was that if it was, it was terrible, “but I can almost guarantee you there is more to this story.”
Acapulco is a relatively small (less than half-a-million population), old city and almost everyone knows everybody so the info being uncovered has been passed around and it wasn’t until last night that I heard more details… details that were, of course, unreported.
First, it did not occur in a hotel in Acapulco as was first reported. I’ve learned over years of living here that anything that happens within a 500 mile radius is always reported as happening right in the tourist district. The event appears to have transpired in a place called Playa Bonfil, about an hour from anywhere your average tourist would go and in an area that I would best describe as “sketchy”.
It also wasn’t in a hotel, nor in a “villa”, as has been reported. It was in a bungalow that even my poorest Mexican friends describe as being “naco” – a cheap ghetto-like area.
What is the least reported is that the women knew their attackers. The women, described as “hippies” by nearly everyone here, were doing plants (drugs) daily… mostly mushrooms and marijuana (perhaps ecstasy as well) nightly and at least one of their attackers was their drug dealer.
My wife received a phone call from one of her female German friends last night as they chatted about the incident. Her friend stated, “I once did mushrooms in Puerto Escondido (4 hours south of Acapulco) and woke up on the beach naked… someone may have had sex with me for all I know, but I wouldn’t have gone to the police if they did.”
Now, I am going to stop here and say that rape in any fashion is abominable, no matter what the excuse. I do, however, want to paint the picture that is mostly agreed upon as being the most true and which you won’t have heard in the news.
We’ll never know what really happened of course, but you won’t hear it on AP news, that’s for sure. Is it possible these girls were in a sketchy neighborhood, rarely visited by tourists, and were regularly out of their mind on mushrooms and one of these times their drug dealer and his friends (also perhaps on drugs) took far more advantage than they should have (Yes, the drug dealers were armed, but that’s fairly normal in Mexico)? I think it is possible. In any case, the men deserve whatever they get if they used any force whatsoever to physically abuse these females.
Would this ever happen to you in Acapulco? Anything can happen anywhere. When I lived in Hollywood for a year I saw and heard about very similar things happen almost on a nightly basis… girls getting out of their head amongst males and being physically assaulted. A lot of weird things can happen when everyone is on mind-altering substances.
But, to end, if you came to Acapulco with your friends, the odds of you getting gang-raped are about 0% unless you make a very large number of bad choices. Of course, many men do get gang-banged, but that’s part of the reason they come here.
As for the Mexican drug war, you probably also haven’t heard in the news, but it ended months ago. While you know we despise all political parties, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (known as PRI) was re-elected late last year back to the presidency after a horrible 12 years ofthe National Action Party (PAN). Prior to PAN, the PRI had held power for 71 years. The PRI can be best thought of as the “democratic” party of Mexico while PAN is more the “conservative” party. Under the last 12 years of PAN they decided the best way to deal with entrepreneurial plant transporters (narcos) was to kill them. This set off a war and produced massive power vacuums as they killed local drug lords. Under the return of the PRI, they returned to their old policy of becoming partners with the narcos.
In other words, the war is over. Another thing you never hear, I’m sure. That’s why this gang-rape story was so terrible for Acapulco… it was just reinstating itself, in the minds of foreigners, as the beautiful beach resort it always has been. Undoubtedly this rape story will have repercussions… although my flight to Acapulco just three days ago was full of tourists. But this place always picks itself back up from all the bad press it has received. Viva Acapulco.
More Flies With Honey…
[Gary's Note: I asked for feedback about the complaint of a reader named Bob last week. Bob's very valid point was that some of our rhetoric, particularly about those who join the military, was veering toward the sort of unnecessary meanness that could drive away readers. We received quite a few emails on the subject, but we only have space for a few. So here are some of them...]
Gary (and Jeff):
I have to agree somewhat with Bob’s main point, namely that ad homenium attacks on military members does little to sway those members to liberty. As a two time combat veteran (I was a slow learner) I see the psychic pain on those “service” members as they struggle with their conscience. You have to remember, most of the people actually doing the killing are kids who were sold a bill of goods right out high school and their minds have been warped government schools for 13 years. This is one of the principal problems I have with Laurence Vance who claims himself to be a Christian yet then does nothing but spew vile diatribes about the “murderers.” I think you should continue to tell the truth about war in all its ugly roots…the manipulation of politicians, career officers and enlisted etc. As Smedley Butler truthfully said “War is a Racket.” But if you want to change lives and bring people to the side of liberty, calling someone who got bamboozled into being a tool of the state a murderer is probably not going to do it…
And, I would go one further. If you’d like someone who had 12 years in the military before coming to the side of liberty to write occasionally on military issues for TDV, I offer myself up.
In liberty,
Gary’s Response:
Point taken, David, and thanks very much for writing. And we’d love to hear more from you on the topic.  You can reach me at gary@dollarvigilante again. I think you’d agree that military experience would definitely make our harsh words seem even harsher, however. Like I said, your point is taken, but it is also a unique one among the letters received. Take a look below…
Some Folks Still In The Twilight Zone
Hi Gary,
I’m sure Bob’s concerns are heartfelt and sincere. However, his examples of moderation are not persuasive and he would have been more effective without them. Personally I believe Bob has a way to go before he comes fully out of the “Twilight Zone” of believing in the partial goodness of The State. Such a process takes more or less time for each individual, depending on how thoroughly indoctrinated he has been and on how much serious reading he is willing to do. I think your response was excellent.
Gary’s Reponse:
Thanks, Ted. As bad as public school is, military indoctrination is undoubtedly worse. At least we know enough not to touch religion with a ten-foot keyboard! We’ll leave that pile of fireworks, grenades and nukes to our friend Stefan Molyneux. And like our mentor Doug Casey has said, if you want to clear out a room of otherwise like-minded investors or liberty types, just insult religion or the military. While we can easily avoid religious topics in these pages, we can’t so easily refrain from erring on the side of insult when it comes to any of the state’s activities.
Of course, we’re not looking to clear the room. In fact, we hope to help as many of you readers as we can with our advice! That’s why we invite you to sign up for our Weekly TDV Dispatch here. We stand by our political and economic philosophy firmly rooted in freedom. And we invite you to see our deeper economic analysis and get our actionable financial advice in our weekly newsletter. We provide the kind of investments that will reward our readers as the state’s natural meddling bears its inevitable fruit. Click here now to find out more and get the newsletter.
Harden Up!
Keep up the “harsh tone.” What Jeff says is the TRUTH. That’s all that matters. If it offends someone as “too harsh,” tough luck.
Personally, I really don’t really care what’s “in the minds” of those who steal and murder for the state. Their ACTIONS are what matter to me. Also, the “oaths” that pass over their lips mean nothing to me, as well. Again, their ACTIONS are what is meaningful.
I’ve been criticized for the same “cruelties” in my writing but I’ve refused to budge in my approach. Thieves and murderers (including those who wear the state’s clown suits and tin badges) will not get any slack from me.
You and Jeff keep up your great work at TDV (I’m in the process of opening a self-directed IRA) and NEVER let up!
Roger Young
Gary’s Response:
Thank you for the support, Roger. The rest of you readers can find Roger’s articles on
We will continue to tell the truth about the state and all its evil institutions: public schools, government courts and police, the military, the central bank, et al. But we will do it with an unrelenting joy in our hearts. Because it’s like Jeff said in yesterday’s issue: we’ve already won. The fight is as good as over. Sure, there are some tough as hell times ahead as the world sorts itself out…and making it through the transition intact is not guaranteed…which is why we try so hard to help our loyal readers with the maneuvering.
I think the next letter sums up our feelings and our intentions very well…
A Perfect Blend
Hi Gary,
I enjoyed Jeff’s article and agreed with it 100%. In fact, there are very few opinions or points of view that any TDV writer takes that I disagree with. Socialism needs to be made fun of and logically refuted at every point. Some readers will get the message when humor is used, others when an angry tone is taken. I think the TDV writers use a good mix of both styles.
Personally, I find myself becoming somewhat depressed about how bad things have become in America and humor helps keep a smile on my face.
I have been a TDV subscriber for several months now and think that overall you have done an excellent job at reporting news and giving alternatives to continuing to live here. I get the feeling that TDV, and its related concerns, would be an excellent company to work for.
Keep up the good work,
Gary’s Response:
You hit a few nails on the head there, Charles. Thank you very much for the letter.
And thanks to all of you who wrote in. Even if you don’t see your letter in the issue, know that it is read by us all. We take all feedback very seriously and appreciate it when you take the time to let us know your thoughts. So keep those thoughts coming. If you have any opinions or questions, please send them here.


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