The Flying Frenchman


We have many different characters here at Casey Research, each bringing a unique aspect to the table to deliver the best investment ideas to our subscribers. Most of the time, we are in different places around the world searching for the next exciting investment opportunity. A few times a year, we do get together and trade ideas. Over the years, strong friendships have developed, and we often go out and enjoy social events together. On a recent get-together, I learned something about myself and the “Flying Frenchman.”

Olivier Garret, our CEO at Casey Research, is the glue that keeps the egos at Casey Research in check, mine included. He is like a Swiss clock – always on time and always dependable. We organized our schedules, as we do every year, to hit the mountain and go skiing.

I go to pick up Olivier at his hotel, and it is a very cold morning. To my surprise, Olivier comes out wearing jeans and a sweater, with a light jacket in his hands



“Olivier, it is freezing! Where is your ski gear?” I ask him.

“Come on, Marin, it’s not that cold,” he quickly replies. It was -3° C (already too cold for my Dalmatian blood). As we head up on the ski lift, I realize Olivier isn’t even wearing goggles.

As we jump off the lift, we head down a black-diamond run to start the day off before our thighs get shot. Olivier whips by me and is flying down the hill. With my ego now slightly bruised, watching a Frenchman wearing jeans blowing by me, I decide to kick it up a notch. That’s when I realize that the snow that day is not the nice soft powdery snow I prefer, but rather full of ice, which means it would be quite painful if I were to fall.

As I start picking up momentum, I lose an edge and almost my control, but luckily for me I managed to regain my footing and could only watch in amazement at how fast Olivier finished his run. After a few more runs, Olivier asked me, “What happened to you? You used to be a fast skier!”

That’s when it hit me: I am a different skier now. Yes, I love speed, but when I saw Olivier going down the hill as fast as he was in the poor conditions, I thought to myself, “This is not the time to go for the speed rush and get injured. Instead, I am going to be a casual skier and control my speed as I go down the run.”


Know Yourself (and Your Investing Style)

Sun Tzu in his book The Art of War once wrote, “Know thyself and thy enemy, and you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

As I knew my limits on that ski run with Olivier, so too should you know what type of investor you are.

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The key to successful investing is also being able to understand what type of investor you are… understanding what risks you can handle and which ones you can’t.

As it turned out, my friend Olivier, the “Flying Frenchman,” did indeed take a tumble near the end of one of his runs. But he popped right back up, and we both had a good laugh – though I will definitely bring it up at our next company dinner.

Additional Links and Reads

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