Globalization has Created a New Economy!


We now live in a Global Society where Real-time Communication has Changed our Planet! Let’s Review!

One of the biggest changes that has occurred during my lifetime is our ‘free’ internet society. I can now contact anyone on this planet in seconds via text and/or voice via our World Wide Web Internet. I can also trade stocks, currencies, and derivatives in real-time and 24/7. Our computerization of the planet has created all these new experiences. Also, we now have mostly transferred all our money units from physical units to virtual (digital) units. What has been the real cause of this evolutionary change for our society? Let’s think about our wired world and our wireless world. Recently, our entire planet has been wired via our underwater fiber optic cable system. Observe this web of cables which have created a network for our entire planet!

The above web of underwater cables have created a data and communication system for our entire planet. We can now communicate with those in China by sending a text message (email) in less than 1/8 of a second. We can now trade the Chinese currency (the Yuan) in real-time from our Laptop Computer. We can now invest and speculate on stocks and all kinds of financial derivatives 24/7 via our personal computer. What a change in market behavior that has occurred these past 15 years. All this was made possible as a result of our ‘wired’ global network of cables. In addition to our ‘wired’ markets we also have a new ‘wireless’ world. Hundreds of low earth satellites allow us to use our ’cell phones’ to communicate globally in milli-seconds.  What a World we live and experience as of 2013!
All these recent changes in technology means that we live in a new borderless WORLD…which means that we need a NEW MODEL for this NEW GLOBAL SYSTEM. Currently, we have some 7 billion people on this planet. Our 200+ nation states are now mostly obsolete given this NEW world that has emerged. Historical Capitalism is also obsolete as this System was based on private property and competition between each nation for our global natural resources. Furthermore, our ‘money’ unit has now evolved into a virtual digit that is created ‘out of nothing’ (the consciousness) of a select elite group of Central Bankers. All these changes in finance, technology, and telecommunications has created a NEW world for everyone. We now live in a GLOBAL VILLAGE of some 7 billion human beings who all desire to ‘feed’ and ‘contribute’ on our global resources. Can we continue with a System which exploits these resources via ‘might makes right’?
The United States of America is the single most powerful Super-power on this planet. Our currency unit (the dollar) is the ‘reserve’ currency on this planet. We now have some 800 military bases on this planet to ‘control’ and ‘manage’ our political and economic interests on this planet. Will this philosophy of ‘might makes right’ continue to work for our interests going forward? Can our ‘dollar’ (now a virtual digit within the computer screen) continue to command the confidence of the other competing financial interests? Can America continue to dominate the many contrarian political and financial viewpoints on this planet? Can America conquer and control all these diverse interests and philosophies in the future? Are we now financial bankrupt and politically corrupt? Can America CONQUER the PLANET?
Can we SOLVE the World’s Problems via our Military Might?


Personally, I think that America now needs to re-think all their FIRST PRINCIPLES. What are we DOING and PLANNING for this planet? Can we conquer and dominate all persons on this planet? Can we use our military might to force all contrarian views to become subservient to our VIEW? Does America have the ‘absolute’ moral and ethical concepts for everyone on this planet? The issues are substantial! Do we now need to reflect on what we are ‘saying’ and ‘doing’? Will freedom emerge via MILITARY FORCE and MIGHT? Personally, I think that AMERICA needs to rethink all their strategies, philosophy, and military ideas. Others view us as the GREAT SATAN! Can we become the GREAT LIBERATOR of mankind via our current mindset? Where are current trends leading? Give this missive some thought!
Can America really RULE this planet and all the PEOPLE via their bankrupt policies?

 I am: Watch the markets for coming CHANGE

avatarDon Swenson - Kingdom Economics posted Thursday, January 17th, 2013.

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