Survive Investing Among Fears, Ggreed and Cliffs


Investors get wrapped up in all kinds of apprehensions.
Three key ones come to mind: fears, greed and cliffs.

They worry constantly about the markets.
Even though fretting about them is not at all fruitful.


Uncertainty themes continue to occupy the headlines, day after day.
Economies turn on the all-important confidence, still quite subdued.

Always expect the unexpected.
Always be ready for more volatility, uncertainty and touches of good news.

Savvy investors pay close attention to their portfolios.
Managing risks becomes priority one all along, regardless of markets.

Tips That Tame The Abyss

Investing is about looking beyond what is happening today.
Every nest egg needs a tool kit of investing strategies.

Here are some tips that help serve you well:

  • Coordinate your investments with your goals.
  • Invest within your risk tolerance, time horizon and diversification needs.
  • Develop a comfortable, long-term asset mix for your portfolio.
  • Invest some when everybody sells and sell some when everybody invests.
  • Follow a consistent strategy to manage gains and losses.
  • Focus on investment quality, tax implications and your costs.

Be sure you are confident with your approach.
If not, engage a professional portfolio manager to assist.

It’s about searching for and sticking to your disciplined approach.
Maintaining your long-term perspective should not be worrisome.

These strategies help you manage and survive the rocky road map.
They deliver value when fears, greed and cliffs get in your way.

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avatarAdrian Mastracci - KCM Wealth Management posted Monday, December 10th, 2012.

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