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Welcome to the penultimate Feedback Friday of 2012, and so far it looks like the Mayans were wrong…which means that the fight for your freedom and liberty, and release from the clutches of the state continues. So, as 2013 approaches, your questions abound in search of a better life. Thanks, as always, for writing in and contributing to the discourse.

On to the feedback…


Dear TDV,

I’m new to the Dollar Vigilante family. I’ve been reading the archives and resources. What can someone like me, who lives paycheck-to-paycheck & has no savings or retirement do to emigrate to a Latin American country? Obviously, I have no wealth to protect, but I am 100% debt-free. I’m a highly-skilled tradesman, but with a family of 5 am unable to build any wealth. I had always planned on being able to save once my kids all moved out (just a couple years away). It now looks as if that window of opportunity is closing.

Is Galt’s Gulch in Chile a viable option for someone like me?


Jason S.

Middle if Nowhere, Mo. USSA

Jeff’s Response:

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the family!  Joining the TDV family is actually one of your best options to finding a life outside the USSA.  In the TDV newsletter, we regularly feature work opportunities from other TDV’ers.  We’ve found many such opportunities in the past, including a hotel management position in Cafayate, Argentina and just last week we featured an opportunity to manage a boat charter service in La Paz, Mexico.  And, because these opportunities are coming from like-minded TDV’ers, they are actively looking for freedom-minded people to work with/for them… making your chances of getting the position much higher than just any statist who comes off the street.

We have a private TDV Facebook Group for subscribers and subscribers also have access to “TDV Groups” which has dozens of expats worldwide, many of whom have created income-producing businesses and can help you to find your way wherever you consider going.

As for Galt’s Gulch, we are just about to announce the official sales of lots in the community and we will be building hundreds of homes there in the coming years so a tradesperson could find tremendous opportunities there as well.  All announcements on Galt’s Gulch Chile will be first presented to subscribers so as a subscriber you will be the first to know about all the opportunities coming up in what is the world’s first explicit development of Ayn Rand’s vision in “Atlas Shrugged” — a place where productive people sick of the statist/collectivist/socialist systems go to be productive, unhindered from the great majority of state theft and regulation.

Until you can get out of the USSA, “TDV Homegrown” issued monthly will keep you up-to-date on ways to survive from within the belly of the beast and even profit during the ongoing economic and dollar collapse.


Dear TDV,

Good evening! My name is Bryan and I’m a college student who is extremely concerned. I have about $20,000 in EE series bonds from my grandparents. The reason I’m writing is to ask you if I should cash them in and buy gold and silver? I don’t have to have many assets related to the US dollar.  My main hesitation is I do not want to pay taxes on the interest from these bonds, however taxes are only going to go up! Any feedback would be fantastic! Thank you for your time!


Gary’s Response:

Brian, I think you answered your own question…

You don’t want to pay any tax…Well, that’s certainly natural and  moral enough… But you know that if you wait you’ll only have to pay (drumroll) more taxes!

And then there’s the opportunity cost of not grabbing gold and silver before they multiply in nominal price. Imagine how you will feel with $20,000 in these bonds with gold sitting at $5,000 and silver at $300.

At that point, of course, Obama or whatever Generalissimo el Presidente for Life has replaced him will almost certainly have raised taxes 50% or more.

Cash in that loan to the US government, pay the extortion fee and trade the dollars in for something of real value. Gold and silver would be great bets, of course…but if you want to invest in a metal that won’t fall just in case the dollar gets stronger, then consider the advice that I’ve been giving readers over in TDV Homegrown.

If you want to take the risk of holding some kind of paper, USSA government debt is absolutely the worst way to do it (and morally repugnant as you are literally lending money to a criminal terrorist organization that murders and robs people daily as a matter of course). At least hold paper that’s tied to something of real value…and which will likely make you filthy rich in the near future. We’re talking about mining stocks, naturally. You can get some advice on exactly which mining stocks to hold if you sign up here. And if you’ve really got an appetite to play these miners like ponies, you can get the best advice on trading them here. Or invest in your own business. We regularly write of business opportunities worldwide (where there is much more opportunity than in over-regulated, over-taxed USSA).  Invest in yourself, not in the mob.

Whatever you do, Brian, call in that loan to the US government. Maybe you just needed to see us write the advice down. We’ve done our part. Now go do yours! And then put that money to some good use.


Don’t feel so bad about having begged for permission for your daughter to travel from a violent criminal organization. If you don’t already play, you might consider taking up golf. The one fundamental rule of golf is that you play the ball as it lies, not where it “should” be.

Caving to The Man doesn’t make you a hypocrite or fraud. It means you are facing facts and dealing with the world as it is.

You just have to be content with taking small victories where you can find them.

Mark H.

Jeff’s Response:

Thanks Mark,


I received so many emails like yours in the last week that it has made me feel better about what I had done.  Of course, being the world’s largest provider of slave cards (passports… at TDV Passports) I am sure my daughter will have five passports by this time two years from now and will, in essence, be free from this type of extortion as she will have numerous options for travel and, when she is older, doing business.

That said, your comment on golf got me thinking.  I haven’t played in a while (way too busy) but I used to play avidly.  And you are correct; it is an excellent way to learn how to deal with adversity.  For those who haven’t played, I highly recommend it.  I’ve never played a game which challenges you in so many different ways.  And, the most bizarre way it challenges you is that, in golf, you are never playing other people… you are playing yourself.  Your own brain.  And that game will confound you in ways you may never have thought possible.

One of the most important things we all must learn is “who we are” and golf teaches this very well.  You quickly learn that your biggest enemy is your own brain.  Because the game is so precise and so devoid of outside interaction (when you are hitting the ball, you are the only one on the course, essentially) that you have to take personal responsibility for everything that goes wrong… and lots goes wrong in golf, as any player will tell you!  Just look at Tiger Woods.  The best player of all time, bar none… but then he got caught having some fun with some rather attractive ladies and the next thing you know he is crashing his car and looking like your drunk uncle on the golf course.  It’s almost all mental.  Or, look at someone like John Daly.  A pro golfer who has had a lot of emotional issues who literally broke down crying and had to leave a tournament once.  This game will test you and make you look at yourself hard in the mirror, to the point of nearly breaking you.

So, Mark, thanks for reminding me of how much I enjoyed golf, for its thereapeutic and life-learning benefits.  And you are right; we can’t always play the ball from where it “should be”.  I learned that the hard way in the last few weeks as the state stood between me and my family.  It was a bitter pill for me to take, but I realized that you cannot fight the state at the personal level.  What you can do, however, is do your best to always live free and be as free as possible despite them.  And, keep spreading the truth about the state so as to awaken others to its oppression.  In those terms, I think we are doing well here at TDV.

There are few games harder than golf to master (no one ever has), but trying to live free in an unfree world is even harder.  I think I’ll hit the links when I return to Acapulco and take my mind off of the grander game I play every day trying to free myself and as many others as possible from this blight on human history, the state.

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