Your Investments Need Fit and Purpose


Investors typically save for decades to reach their goals.
Then they spend part or all the nest egg over a few more decades.

Saving investors may seek portfolio growth.
Spending investors typically prefer stable income streams.


Many portfolios are assembled on a makeshift basis.
Others are populated from different product sources over the years.

Ask yourself this: “Do all your investments have fit and purpose with your goals?”
If you can’t answer this question, action is required whether you save or spend.

Adrian’s Tips:

First, stop buying random stuff for your portfolio.
Then take a close look at the “why” you own what you have.

It’s important to achieve two things:

  • All investments must fit your game plan.
  • Every investment requires clear purpose in pursuit of your goals.

Otherwise, your collection becomes a tangled muddle of stuff.
Our short list of simple steps untangles your muddle:

  • Portfolio goals defined — Estimate the family retirement income goals you desire.
  • Probe retirement capital — A “what if” scenario ballparks whether your capital can outlast longevity, say to age 90.
  • Pursue asset mix — If you don’t follow a portfolio “asset mix”, find a portfolio manager to design yours.
  • Ponder retirement spoilers — Assess potential damages if your portfolio incurs a large loss, high inflation or serious health costs.
  • Plan to invest — Develop your well conceived plan for the long run, then methodically fill the investment prescription.

Taking these steps assists in shaping a better investment plan.
If required, a second opinion can reduce your apprehensions.

Be certain your investments have purpose and are fit to own.
Don’t accept anything less.

I welcome your contact.

Talk soon,


avatarAdrian Mastracci - KCM Wealth Management posted Monday, November 19th, 2012.

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