Swamped in Information Overload


“In your thirst for knowledge, be sure not to drown in all the information.”
— Anthony J. D’Angelo, in his publication ‘The College Blue Book’

Investing information is available in loads of flavours and from a multitude of sources.
Accordingly, every investor should reflect on two questions:


· Are you feeling overwhelmed sorting through the heaps of daily investment information?

· Do you find it hard to ignore the continuous stream of new facts and figures at your fingertips?

Many investors have difficulty separating relevant particulars from constant noise.

Plenty of them get swamped in the vast data thundering their way.

Some drown as the information flood gates open.

All in the quest to improve their precious portfolios.

Perspective Helps

I know about the need not to be swamped or drowned by the onslaught of daily information.

Consider this perspective around your overload:

· I checked the 4-week calendar of new US economic data releases, starting with October 22nd.

· I counted no fewer than 66 upcoming key releases for Wall Street alone.

· The 66 releases (jobs, GDP, etc.) are just the most visible, vying for investor attention.

· There are plenty more for investors who are keenly interested.


That is a mountain of fresh US data for anyone to make sense of and process.
Then there is also new data for Europe, China, Japan, India and others.

I empathize with overloaded, frustrated investors swamped or drowned in information.

Even professionals trained to separate useful facts from noise can have trouble keeping up.

I highly recommend reducing your desire to be on top of all the market minutia.
Following your comfortable investing strategy should not require frequent tweaks.

Slimming Tips

I can easily get volumes of data sent my way every day.

However, I have no plans to drown in the clutter of information.

Perhaps, it’s time to start slimming down your appetite for all that information.
Without worrying that you’ll miss out on something important.

Your best solution is to learn how to screen what’s relevant and what you can ignore.
My filters help put your information channel on the slimming path:

· Develop confidence in your chosen investment strategies before implementing them.

· Avoid making hasty decisions and follow your comfortable, long-term investment strategy.

· Find your nerve to ignore the continuous onslaught of new data, research, predictions and conflicted advice.

Each filter reduces your need to know and react to the deluge of details.

After a while, you’ll want only a few select data points.

My best advice is for you to ease up and take an information breather.

Being plugged into everything does not guarantee anything.

You will be absolutely amazed at how much information you do not need.
Filters that keep the information overload in check are my medicine of choice.

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avatarAdrian Mastracci - KCM Wealth Management posted Monday, October 22nd, 2012.

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