Even the Tooth Fairy Knows It’s a Depression


You sure don’t see too many idiots on TV talking about green shoots anymore… whatever happened to that?

After two years of “recovery”, does anyone see anything like a recovery in any of the unemployment figures (the blue line being reality and the red line being the government propaganda)?


Oh, that’s okay, they say, it’s just one of those pesky “jobless recoveries”.  It’s like the 2008 Detroit Lions who went 0-16.  They weren’t bad, they were just winless champions.

Pay Attention to Government Statistics At Your Own Risk

Feel sorry for anyone who still pays attention to any government economic statistics.  It is pure, unadulterated lies and propaganda, plain and simple.  You’d be better off listening to a financial adviser who uses the annual Tooth Fairy survey as a gauge of economic strength.

Visa does an annual survey of what the Tooth Fairy left American children in exchange for their teeth.  In 2010 the amount was $3 on average.  In 2011, it is down to $2.60.  A 13.3% year-over-year decrease in tooth transactions.  That is a much better indication of what is going on in the real economy.

And even this doesn’t take into account inflation.  We still show the True Money Supply (TMS) increasing at over 10% per year.  So, that $2.60 is really only worth about $2.34 in 2010 dollars, meaning kids are down 25.7% from last year.

Have the “Money Conversation” With Your Children

The Visa Tooth Fairy survey ends with this public service announcement:

“Visa encourages parents to use the Tooth Fairy’s visit as an opportunity to have the “money conversation” with their children. Even simple steps like asking kids what they plan to do with the money and encouraging them to save for a long-term goal can help instill valuable money management lessons that can last a life time”

That may be a bit much for junior to handle.  After all, he is most likely “schooled” in a government education facility and has no idea about the monetary system.

“You see son,” starts Dad, “we live in an artificial, criminal money system where the money supply is manipulated by a central banking cartel who inflates the money supply to prop up the coercive governmental system that enslaves us and transfers wealth to the power elite.”

Is that the chat Visa had in mind?

Saving Money?


The term, “saving money” once made complete sense.  In the 1800s when money was gold, the prices of items would go down every year meaning that if you saved money you would have more purchasing power in the future.

Today, however, money is literally not worth saving.  With interest rates of 0% and inflation rates over 10%, if junior “saves” his $2.60, it will be worth nothing in less than 10 years time.  That’ll teach him a lesson he hopefully won’t forget.

The Monetary System on the Verge of Collapse

This is the stupidity of today’s monetary system.  It is a monetary system based on government debt at its center.  This debt has been called “risk free” because the government always has the power to print more dollars to pay you back.  But, it’s only risk free in that you will receive back a piece of paper with the same number printed on it along with the face of some dead criminal.  In actuality, it is not risk free… it is risk certain.

We already live in 1984, economically.  Risk free is risk certain.  Government “securities” are the opposite of secure, they are certificates of guaranteed confiscation.  This system is on the verge of collapse and the signs are all around, including the “debt ceiling” debate in D.C. (District of Criminals).

On August 15 unbacked fiat currencies will mark their 40th anniversary.  No other fiat currency in history has ever lasted this long and there is even a chance it won’t make it to its 40th anniversary if the US Government defaults on its debt on August 2nd.  But, even if they do make it past that date this system’s fate has already been sealed.  Debt engulfs the western nations as was always inevitable in a system where money is untied to anything and is created by issuing more government debt.

So, do as Visa asks and sit down with your child and have the “money conversation” with them.  Tell them to buy gold.

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