Bob Hoye: New Signal – Jan. 15


The Momentum Peak Forecaster is producing an important signal.

avatarThis Week in Money - Empty posted Saturday, January 15th, 2011.

3 Comments for “Bob Hoye: New Signal – Jan. 15”

  1. Bob Hoye issues a cautionary stance on the precious metals sector by next month sayings his model shows a significant retracement BUT then Ross Clarke issues a COT buy recommendation on the sector. The continual inconsistencies drive me nuts….an earlier Ross Clarke report even indicated upwards of $2,155 sometime this spring. There have been a large number of similar inconsistencies and this undermines credibility.

  2. Bob, can Bernanke keep the part in financial markets going until July 1 when the current round of money printing expires, or will the market prevail and end the rally sooner?

    Kris Barski

  3. Gratulation to your Interviews, but 1min 6sec are a Bit to Short for the “New Signal”….

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